Nothing to see here! Wash Post BUSTED for watering down Planned Parenthood atrocity

It’s hard to imagine anyone covering up for the barbaric act of selling human baby parts for profit – yet it appears The Washington Post did just that.

The original headline of a WaPo’s story on July 14 was reportedly titled, “Undercover video shows Planned Parenthood exec discussing organ harvesting.”

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The title explains what Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical research, Deborah Nucatola, did according to an expose released early this week.

People with a conscious were mortified by the news that the “health care provider” that services millions has been making loads of money off the selling of baby body parts.

But too few people have been informed about the expose, thanks to media blackouts, misleading headlines, and liberal publications like the Washington Post.

Case in point… a few hours after the original article appeared at WaPo the headline was apparently changed and seems to justify the actions by Planned Parenthood.

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This is a great reminder to always have your screenshot-trigger finger ready.

H/T: The Right Scoop

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