Housing illegal detainees costs more per night than a four-star hotel; taxpayers stuck with bill

The luxury Hilton on historic river walk in San Antonio. Photo source: DailyMail.com

The reason most Americans can’t afford to stay in four-star hotels may be at least partly because they’re paying more than that to house illegal immigrants.

The price of a 24-hour stay for just one of the 2,105 detainees at the South Texas Family Residential Center is $231, reports the Daily Mail.

The detention center was erected in the small town of Dilley last May and will operate at a cost of $178 million a year.

A one-night stay costs taxpayers “more than a double room at the four-star Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio,” which costs $169, the Mail reports.

Local residents reportedly protested the center when the doors first opened last May, but to no avail. The 50- acre compound, run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), sounds more like a luxury resort than a holding facility for illegals.

Detention center in Dilley. Photo source: DailyMail.com.

The center comes complete with TVs, playgrounds and 24-hour snacks, according to the Mail. It even has 80 two-bedroom, one-bath cottages with freshly laid sod in between.

ICE told the Mail:

ICE ensures that these residential centers operate in an open environment, which includes medical care, play rooms, social workers, educational services, and access to legal counsel. Secretary [Jeh] Johnson has made it clear that individuals apprehended at the border, including families, are an agency priority and that ICE should allocate enforcement resources accordingly.


That has taxpayer advocates spitting mad.

“Taxpayers should be shocked and outraged that detainees are getting expensive accommodations at taxpayer expense,” David Williams, president of the Taxpayer Protection Alliance, told the Mail.

“Millions of Americans work their butts off every day to pay their taxes and live from paycheck to paycheck and are never able to afford such accommodations,” Williams said.

“Let’s just hope that complimentary pillow mints and turn-down service aren’t included in their stay.”

Photo source: DailyMail.com.

And who would know better about both luxury accommodations and illegal immigration than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump?

Trump has been outspoken against the dangers of the illegal immigration crisis. He hasn’t directly commented on this report, but the Mail suggests it would make good “fodder” for his campaign.

pic 4
Photo source: DailyMail.com.

According to the Mail, the average stay for a detainee is not known but it is not unusual for it to be up to a few years.


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