‘Deport Pitbull?’ Singer cheers on Mexican drug lord’s death threat against Trump

PitbullThe musician Pitbull is no fan of Donald Trump, and he let that be known Thursday when he glibly warned the real estate mogul to look out for an escaped Mexican drug lord who allegedly had threatened his life.

At the tail end of his acceptance speech for top urban artist at Thursday’s Premios Juventad Awards ceremony, Pitbull let loose on Trump’s  presidential campaign, tapping into the controversy over the Republican candidate’s recent remarks about illegal immigration.

“For the [Mexican] culture out there: Marco Rubio, put the batteries on; Jeb Bush, put the batteries on; Hillary Clinton, put on your batteries, because Donald Trump cannot be president,” he told the crowd.

Speaking in Spanish, the Miami-born musician then seemed to cheer on Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the escaped Mexican drug lord who Trump says has sent him death threats.

Pitbull told Trump to “beware of ‘El Chapo!'”

The crowd erupted in applause as Pitbull made clear he sided with a murderous drug dealer over the GOP presidential hopeful, but some social media users weren’t amusued, and even joked “deport Pitbull.”

Some cheered the musician’s glib remark about a drug lord’s wanting Trump dead.

But most users who were not caught up in identity politics and Trump hatred seemed to think the rhetoric was a little over the top.


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