CNN analyst declares recruiters were unarmed because ‘you wouldn’t expect an attack’ in a mall

CNN’s national security analyst discussing the Chattanooga terror attack that killed four U.S. Marines inadvertently revealed just how out-of-touch those who identify with the mainstream media can be.

Juliette Kayyem, was discussing the fact that military facilities are gun-free zones – a topic that’s come under hot debate after the horrific attack at two separate military centers on Thursday.

Yes. They did.

“They are also unarmed generally because these are shopping malls, these are, you know, recruitment centers are in shopping malls, they’re, you know, sort of open, they’re in places where you wouldn’t anticipate an attack,” Kayyem said.

As Truth Revolt pointed out, there is plenty of evidence to dispute that “logic.” Take, for instance, the shootings that happened in Oregon; Nairobi, Kenya; and Sydney, Australia, to name a few.

Not to mention that Mall of America was under threat of a terror attack earlier this year.

The bottom line is there is no safe place in today’s world, and many Americans argue that gun-free zones make citizens – and the U.S. military – sitting ducks.

H/T: TruthRevolt

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