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Would-be robber shoved the wrong guy out of line; off-duty firefighter puts him right out

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brazenTalk about brazen!

A would-be robber, armed with a knife, was so impatient to acquire his ill-gotten booty that he shoved a man being helped at a Texas gas station out of the way.

The bandit, 19-year-old Dylan Bearden, should have waited his turn in line.

The man he shoved out of the way was Daniel Gaskey, an off-duty firefighter, who decided to fight crime instead on this day, according to LiveLeak.

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Gaskey grabbed Bearden from behind and body-slammed him to the floor, holding the would-be robber down until police arrived.

And it was all captured on camera.

Perhaps Bearden will think twice next time about cutting in line.

Tom Tillison


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