US Navy to ban fried foods; sailors blame Michelle Obama!

It’s one thing to target school children, who have little recourse to push back, and another thing entirely to go after U.S. sailors.

The U.S. Navy is moving toward offering healthier food choices and enlisted men and women are already pointing their fingers at first lady Michelle Obama.

The Navy Times reported:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced a host of sweeping changes in May that will affect everything from promotions and training to uniforms and fitness. As part of that, he has set his sights on a well-balanced diet, which he calls “the foundation of a healthy lifestyle” that will provide capable warfighters and lower medical costs.


Among the changes, breaded chicken, French fries and other deep fried foods will be baked in state-of-the-art ovens, and whole milk will be replaced by skim and soy, the Times reported. Fruits and vegetables will also be pushed heavily.

The Navy is experimenting with the menu changes at a couple of facilities, with the fried food ban expected to go fleet-wide in 2017.

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The first lady has no role in setting nutritional policy in the Navy, according to Vocativ. But considering Obama’s efforts to combat obesity and promote healthy eating, sailors wasted little time in blaming her.

Vocativ noted that criticism directed at Obama flooded the Navy Times Facebook page.

“Seriously. Sounds like MICHELLE OBAMA strikes again,” Matt Klinghammer wrote.

“Is Michelle Obama now playing big sister to the military hotline?” asked Robert Leon Harke?

Here’s a sampling of additional responses from Twitter:


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