Sounds like Greta wants a piece of this ‘big jerk’ that said Fox News isn’t real news

At least one member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors was pleased to talk to a Fox News reporter — and ended up looking like a jerk in the process.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors members have been running like rats from reporters — especially Fox News reporters — seeking answers on the city’s policy of providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants — a policy that resulted in the shooting death of Kate Steinle, 32.

When Supervisor Scott Wiener got cornered, rather than answering questions, he acted “like a big jerk,” according to Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

He told the reporter, “I talk to real news only. Fox News is not real news.”

Van Susteren made his response the focus of her show’s “Off the Record” segment Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, Wiener seemed very pleased with himself for acting like a jerk. He tweeted:

Not everyone thought he was clever, however — most thought his performance was downright juvenile.

Not real news? One tweep responded with this:

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