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Sheriff Clarke calls out WH about police ambush crisis: ‘Doesn’t fit their race-baiting narrative’

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clarke artMilwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is calling out the Obama administration for the growing number of assaults targeting police officers.

Clarke visited Fox News’ Stuart Varney on “Your World” Wednesday to discuss the recent ambush of a St. Louis police officer who was shot while sitting in his car.

“There is a crisis going on here, Stuart,” Clarke said.

“There is a pattern here, and we’re hearing nothing from the White House or the U.S. Department of Justice, because it doesn’t fit their race-baiting narrative.”

Clarke said there is a national anti-police movement that has nothing to do with people’s skin color.

He cited the murder of NYPD officer Liu who was ambushed and killed last December.

“He was not white. He was Asian,” Clarke said.

“I dismiss all this stuff that it’s about the ‘white police’… It’s that uniform, it’s that badge.” he said.

“This is very dangerous, and I hope to get the attention of the White House, the Department of Justice, because this has got to stop.”

The outspoken sheriff is proving he’s a man of action, telling Varney that he’ll be making a personal phone call to Attorney General Loretta Lynch to demand an investigation into the escalating attacks.

Will he get a meaningful response?

It’s highly unlikely, but at least Clarke is putting his attempt to hold the feds accountable on record.

“You’d have to be blind, Stuart, not to see the pattern of law enforcement officers being ambushed,” he said.


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