Obama finally goes too far for rich New Yorkers; thinks he owns the Hamptons

President Obama has finally gone too far for some wealthy New York liberals: He’s ruined their weekend getaway to the Hamptons.

President Obama is planning a DNC fundraiser and a Broadway show this weekend in Manhattan, and his plans are grounding private flights to popular destinations for New York’s elites.

According to the New York Post, Obama will be flying into Manhattan on Friday for a Democrat fundraiser and is expected to take in a Saturday matinee of “Hamilton,” the hip-hop musical about founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Yes. There actually is a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton.

Obama’s day and a half of hip-hop and DNC fundraising, however, is expected to make life tough for wealthy residents who were planning to take their private choppers out to the Hamptons, Fire Island, or Nantucket.

Maybe this is all part of Obama’s war on the top one percent?

Obama’s presence in Manhattan will ground all private aircraft out of La Guardia, JFK, and Manhattan airports for a 24-hour period, forcing well-heeled beach-goers to commute like common New Yorkers if they want to get out of the city.

Blade – an app-based helicopter service to the Hamptons – let their customers know about the FAA restrictions, and now more than 1,000 users are scrambling to change their weekend plans.

Having had their Uber-style helicopter and airplane app rendered useless for the weekend, maybe Hampton’s “weekenders” should consider a Broadway hip-hop musical about a founding father?

After all, there will be at least one other well-known elite with his own plane there.

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