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KISS front-man Gene Simmons refuses to take CNN bait: Trump is ‘a straight shooter’

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genesimmonsIn response to the persistence of CNN host Don Lemon to turn the discussion into a bashing of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, KISS front-man Gene Simmons acknowledged that the business magnate can sometimes be “ungentlemanly.”

“He’s smarter than that,” Simmons said of the man he considers a friend. “He’s better than that.”

Simmons was referring to Trump’s remarks on immigration, but said “what you see is what you get with Donald Trump.”

The artist said he understands the mindset of Americans concerned about illegal immigration.

“I’m an immigrant,” said Simmons, who was born in Israel. “I came to this country because my mother and I wanted a better life.”

“We did come in legally and I do understand that there’s an issue with a lot of Americans,” he added. “They’re afraid. ‘What’s happening to America, the borders are unguarded.’ I get it!”

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Not to be deterred, Lemon tried to give Simmons another opportunity to dump on Trump, asking him if he’d have Trump change his rhetoric.

“Donald Trump is a loving family man,” Simmons replied, refusing to take the bait. “His children are terrific. He’s anti-drug, anti-booze. The guy is a straight shooter.”

Simmons said he may not always agree with Trump’s politics, but emphasized that he is an “upstanding guy.”

Much to the dismay of poor Don Lemon, whose lures failed to get even a nibble.

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