‘Jaw-dropping’ Princess Leia slave doll upsets parents, actress Carrie Fisher’s great response

princess artThe Star Wars character Princess Leia is in real danger of becoming the next victim of politically correct whitewashing.

Philadelphia parents have expressed disgust over a Princess Leia action figure. The doll is scantily dressed as a slave from the famous (and somewhat disturbing) scene in “Return of the Jedi” where Leia is held captive by the slobbering villain Jabba the Hutt.

Leia shocked the nation over 30 years ago when she appeared being held hostage to the grotesque creature with a chain around her neck.

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The scene and the outfit have become iconic, and while it may not be an appropriate doll for a young child to play with in her dollhouse, it’s become a part of American pop culture.

Seeing the doll on store shelves, though, was too much for some Philadelphia parents.

“That kind of crap is in the toy aisles for me to see? Nah,” Fred Hill, dad of two daughters told My Fox Philly.

Hill called the Leia toy that was sitting on Target toy shelves inappropriate for children.

“That’s pretty inappropriate,” he said. “I got two daughters I don’t need seeing that crap.”

“They’re like ‘dad why does this doll have a chain around its neck?’. I don’t have any answers. I was just blown away looking at it,” Hill said.

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According to Fox Philly, other customers echoed Hill’s sentiment.

“It’s a little indecent. A little more clothing would have helped,” Eugenia Mirica said.

“It’s just a bit much for a child. So, no, I probably wouldn’t give this to my 4-year-old and maybe not an 8-year-old,” Tiffany Mahan said, according to Fox Philly.

“It’s true to the scene, but I don’t know if I would purchase this for my girls,” added Allison Degarmo.

The good news is no one has to purchase it, and if nobody does, the “offensive” product will go away.

Fox Philly reached out to Target that said they had not had any other complaints about the toy.

But the controversy reached actress Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia.

Perhaps parents were missing the biggest lesson of all, but Fischer seemed happy to point it out:

In this day and age we have to hope that if the doll goes away, the movie doesn’t go with it.

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