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Gutierrez pushes immigrants to turn green cards to votes; target ‘bullies and bigots’ like Trump

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gutierrezRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s illegal immigration rhetoric is getting severe backlash from an uber-liberal Illinois Congressman.

Democrat Louis Gutierrez is imploring all green card holders to hurry up and become naturalized citizens — and convert those green cards to voter ID cards.

He made his pitch on the House floor Wednesday.

Gutierrez delivered his remarks to the five million Hispanics who are eligible for citizenship.

“Every time you see Trump’s face on your TV, vow to learn a little more English or a few more history facts so you can take the [citizenship] test,” the Puerto Rico native said.
“Let’s turn Trump’s negative words into something positive. That is how you deal with bullies and bigots.”

Gutierrez placed a poster of an angry-looking Trump next to the dais before taking the floor.

“Latinos should do just what the Irish and the Polish and the Italians did. Become citizens and vote,” he said.

“Almost all of the immigrants in this country are going to remain in this country until the day they die, let’s be honest,” Gutierrez said. “So for the millions who meet the requirements of citizenship I say: take the step.”

Gutierrez’s anger at Trump is misplaced. The real estate tycoon has nothing against legal immigration — it’s illegal immigration he’s against.

Following the congressman’s speech, DailyMail.com reached out to the Trump campaign.

“Mr. Trump believes a nation without borders is not a nation at all,” a Trump spokesperson said.

“He is the only candidate who will build a wall to secure our border and maintain the rule of law. The silent majority will no longer be silent.”


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