Forget cities, AZ sheriff warns Obama created ‘sanctuary NATION’- and it’s going to get worse

art pic babeuArizona Sheriff Paul Babeu blames President Obama for turning the United States into what he calls a “sanctuary nation,” and says the president will be responsible for future crimes committed by illegal criminal aliens.

“Well, there’s 276-plus sanctuary cities, but in fact, President Obama has really sanctioned this entire country as a — it’s a sanctuary nation when it comes to immigration,” the sheriff said.

Babeu, appearing on Fox Business Network on Wednesday, discussed America’s immigration crisis and the murder of Kate Steinle who died at the hands of a 5-time deported illegal immigrant criminal as she strolled with her father along a San Francisco pier.

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“Sadly this represents just one of thousands and thousands of crimes that happen throughout our country because of a lack of enforcement of the laws on the books when it comes to immigration. And the president’s responsible for this,” he said.

Babeu cited the Obama administration for releasing “thousands and thousands” of illegal immigrant criminals from custody and for ordering that no action be taken against them.

“This is the president’s fault that all these future crimes that will occur,” he said. “You don’t have to be the sheriff to figure out what’s going to happen.”

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Babeu said law enforcement should be enforcing the laws that are already on the books. But he noted that he can’t do much about the illegals he finds in his county that have been deported “8, 15, and even 20 times” because with “the wave of the president’s hand, all immigration laws are now null and void.”

Babeu warned that the crime rate by illegals will continue to escalate.

“You’re going to have murders, you will have rapes, you will have armed robbery, burglary, and everything else… It will get worse,” he said.


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