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Trey Gowdy SCORNS Obama for ignoring Steinle family; ‘he loves to call celebrities’

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GowdyRep. Trey Gowdy is blasting the Obama administration both for not forcing so-called sanctuary cities to enforce federal immigration law and for not calling the family of Kate Steinle the same way he calls celebrities and thugs.

In an appearance Wednesday on Fox News’ “Varney and Co.,” Gowdy said the House of Representatives has attempted to deal with the sanctuary city issue through legislation but that the onus for why federal authorities don’t crack down on sanctuary policies is on the White House.

“Why this administration decided to make detainers [requests from federal immigration officials to hold individuals to be deported] permissive instead of mandatory is something ultimately you’re going to have to ask the administration,” Gowdy said. “We asked it repeatedly yesterday and we got no good answer other than this mistaken, nostalgic belief that if you ask people to cooperate eventually they will. What they didn’t answer is how many innocent people have to die before that happens.”

Gowdy then blasted the president for not calling the family of Kate Steinle, who was murdered by a 5 time deported, seven time felon illegal alien.

“We have a president who loves to call entertainers and loves to call athletes,” Gowdy said. “And I’m sure that makes the news and that’s fun to talk to famous people.

“But when you have an innocent young woman who is doing nothing more than walking with her father in an American city, and [she is] killed by someone who has been deported five times and done state, local and federal time and is unlawfully in possession of a firearm, I think the least you can do is at least express your condolences simply father to father,” he continued.

“He’s a father, too,” he said. “Just father to father: ‘I am so sorry this happened to your daughter.’ And it would be great if he pledged to do something about it.”

Gowdy added that rather than waiting for sanctuary cities to decide they will follow federal immigration law the administration needs to force them to do it through either the supremacy clause or by cutting off funding.

Judging by this administration’s stance on illegal immigration however, there’s almost no chance that will happen unless the American people get as outraged over the death of one of their citizens as they do over an inanimate flag and decide to start protesting.

Carmine Sabia


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