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Planned Parenthood tries to spin stomach-turning sale of baby body parts; is anyone buying?

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Planned Parenthood is better at selling body parts than the cover story about it.

Spinning wildly over the release of a video showing one of its top executives casually discussing the sale of dismembered children, the nation’s largest abortion provider released a statement Tuesday claiming it’s a big misunderstanding.

Those body organs and muscle tissue being sold for $30 to $100 “a specimen” were donations – for scientific research, of course.

The statement doesn’t explain how PP was turning those donations into a quick buck — from the bodies of children butchered-to-order.

A whole lot of people aren’t buying it.

Under a Justice Department stacked with libs from the Obama/Holder era?

For most social media users, the stomach-turning video just proved again what has always been true about Planned Parenthood. It’s an abortion mill, that treats human life as a literal commodity.

This one sums it up pretty well.


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