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One question from an Iraq war amputee will put Obama’s Iran deal to SHAME

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Forget about the long essays and op-eds.

One Iraq war veteran demonstrated the absurdity of President Obama’s Iranian nuclear agreement, with nothing more than a single tweet.

J.R. Salzman didn’t even use all 140 characters to condemn the agreement that the Obama administration hashed out with the murderous Islamic regime in Tehran. All he needed to post was a picture.

Having survived an amputation after being wounded by an improvised explosive devise during his tour in Iraq, a quarter-size piece of shrapnel was all Salzman needed to put an agreement with Iran in context.

After all, Iran not only funds terrorism, routinely lies to world authorities, and promises to wipe Israel off the face of the planet, but they have taken active steps to help insurgents and terrorists kill and maim U.S. soldiers on the battlefield — including their open-secret support for insurgents in Iraq. 

And Obama is patting himself on the back for making a “deal” with them?  

Naturally, a few Obama supporters felt the president’s “legacy” was more important than honoring men like Salzman. Remember, Dems can always blame Bush.

Clearly the left doesn’t like it very much when a veteran points out that Obama is trying to play nice with folks who have been instrumental in killing U.S. servicemen. (Big surprise.)

Saner social media users were more capable of processing the context Salzman’s post provided. Some even gave him some suggestions on how to drive his point home further.

Other users simply wanted to let him know that despite what Obama might be doing with Iran, many Americans are still thankful for his sacrifice.

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