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GOP rivals UNITE in outrage over abortion mill’s ‘body parts sale’; guess which party’s quiet?

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The fractious Republican presidential field was unified Wednesday in demanding an investigation of the nation’s largest abortion provider after a high-ranking executive was caught on videotape  discussing how to “harvest” and sell the body parts of aborted babies.

“Today’s news regarding allegations that Planned Parenthood is possibly selling the body parts of the babies it has aborted is sickening,” Texas Sen. Cruz said in a statement released Tuesday.

Other GOP contenders were quick to express their outrage at Planned Parenthood.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal called for an investigation on Tuesday, and Former Texas governor Rick Perry called the revelations “a disturbing reminder” that the organization profits from “the tragedy of a destroyed human life.”

Despite widespread agreement among the Republican candidates that an investigation and defunding is needed, Democrat presidential hopefuls remained silent on the issue – with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton avoiding the topic altogether on social media and on the campaign trail.

Cruz said Congress needed to step up and get to the bottom of Planned Parenthood’s business practices.

“Congress should immediately begin an investigation of Planned Parenthood’s activities regarding the sale and transfer of aborted body parts, including who is obtaining them and what they are being used for,” he said.

Since the undercover video was released to the public Tuesday, the outrage among conservatives in the Republican Party has almost been deafening.

And so has the silence of Democrats.

Planned Parenthood tries to spin stomach-turning sale of baby body parts; is anyone buying?

Michael Schaus


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