Cheney dissects Obama’s ‘LIE’ about Iran deal; why ‘he’s not a man to be trusted’

Cheney on "Hannity" The Cold War has nothing on the Age of Obama.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told Sean Hannity on Fox News that President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran will bring the world closer to the actual use of nuclear weapons than any time since World War II.

Obama has tried to argue that the agreement with Iran will stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons, but Cheney said it will actually have the exact opposite effect.

Calling Obama’s claims a “lie,” Cheney said the deal sends a clear message to America’s allies in the Middle East that their survival is dependent upon their own abilities to counter a nuclear Iran.

“[Obama is] not a man of his word. He’s not a man who can be trusted,” Cheney said. “And I think our allies who find their very survival at question here, there isn’t any way they’re going to rely upon Barack Obama for safety and security. They’re going to get their own.”

Far from calming tensions in the region, Obama’s agreement with Iran sets the stage for a disastrous arms race according to Cheney, who argues the deal guarantees Iran a path to nuclear capabilities.

“That will, in fact, put us closer to the actual use of nuclear weapons than we’ve been at any time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II,” Cheney said.

Pointing out that Iran has a clear track record of violating international agreements – not to mention a history of funding terrorist organizations and actively plotting the destruction of Israel – Cheney said Tehran will likely acquire nuclear capabilities in a matter of years.

Perhaps even sooner.

“We have a history of underestimating the capabilities of other nations,” he added.

Of course Obama, on the other hand, seems to think his deal will bring the world “peace in our time.”


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