Al Sharpton picks a fight with Kid Rock — and Rock’s fans are ready to RUMBLE!

Al Sharpton’s “National Action Network” is pressuring General Motors to pull its sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour, because the musician has expressed support for the Confederate flag.

In the typical Sharpton-shakedown style, the activist group has been calling for boycotts and harassing companies associated with the outspoken musician after he defended the display of the Confederate battle flag.

National Action Network Detroit chapter president, the Rev. Charles Williams II, told The Associated Press Tuesday that “the best resolution is for GM to pull their sponsorship.”

Because, obviously, free speech isn’t nearly as important as Sharpton-endorsed political correctness.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that GM had no plans to withdraw their sponsorship of Kid Rock, noting that so far the Confederate flag hasn’t even appeared on stage. Activists, however, are not letting up.

Kid Rock, meanwhile, isn’t likely to be bullied into walking back his defense of the flag. Last week, when Sharpton first began attacking the musician over his support of the Confederate symbol, Kid Rock responded with a concise and typically “rocker” response:

Unsurprisingly, his comments rallied defenders of free speech on Twitter.

Social media users seemed to have a similar take on Sharpton’s latest scheme to stir up trouble for the rock artist.

Of course, one user put it quite nicely when the controversy began last week.

Jeb Bush stirs up HORNET’S NEST attacking Trump; Trump’s army fires right back!

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