San Fran victim’s brother accuses city of rolling out the ‘red carpet’ for illegal who killed his sister

megynkellybradsteinle0714smallIs the administration listening?

With the Obama White House continuing to ignore the killing of a San Francisco woman by an illegal alien, and local officials pointing fingers at each other over who’s to blame, the victim’s brother took to “The Kelly File” to say what all those illegal immigrant “advocates” need to hear.

San Francisco, with its sanctuary police” of tolerance for criminal illegals, “essentially rolled out the red carpet for a convicted felon, a dangerous person and said, ‘come into my city’ … you can do no wrong,’” Brad Steinle said.

Steinle is the brother of Kate Steinle, who died after being shot by Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a five-time deported illegal alien who was free to walk the streets because the city won’t cooperate with the federal government in holding illegal immigrants.

“Essentially, he’s the luckiest criminal that there’s been,” Steinle told Kelly.

Introducing the interview, Kelly stressed that the Obama White House — which has has never been shy about interfering in local matters when it suited the administration’s political purposes – has been silent about the Steinle killing.

The president deliberately inflamed racial controversies with his responses to the Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray killings. Mediocre gay football players and 30-year-old college students who want to have sex without paying for their own birth control get presidential phone calls.

Steinle on Monday confirmed the family hadn’t “heard a word” from the White House about the murdered white woman.

Social media users noted the differences, too.  

Priorities, priorities.


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