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Megyn Kelly schools illegal immigrant defending sanctuary cities, ‘The law is the law!’

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kelly feat 2Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Monday had some tough words for an illegal-immigrant-turned-journalist who has been publicly defending the liberal atrocities known as “sanctuary cities.”

“The law is the law, and fidelity to the law is what binds us together,” Kelly told Jose Antonio Vargas on “The Kelly File.”

Kelly warned failure to abide by the laws of this country “has real consequences.”

Vargas, creator of an upcoming documentary titled “White People,” tried to defend a practice in which certain cities essentially allow known criminal illegal aliens to live without worry of being detained.

Vargas said the murder of Kate Steinle – a San Francisco woman who was fatally shot by a five-time deported illegal criminal – could have been avoided if U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had issued a warrant for the killer’s arrest.

“They should have done that,” Kelly said. “But they didn’t have to. They didn’t have to.”

Vargas also argued that the San Francisco case was unique.

“But I think the dangerous thing here though, Megyn, is that this man does not represent all … 12 million undocumented immigrants like me,” Vargas said.

He argued that sanctuary cities help illegal immigrants “report to police.”

But Kelly called it “a lawless policy.”

“I’m just saying, Jose, it seems that this is one area that we should be able to agree on – we the country. We can’t have this kind of policy affecting people in this way!” Kelly said.



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