Macy’s dismisses angry push-back over dropping Trump; are they familiar with Chick-fil-A?

Macy’s customers intend to make the retail giant pay, literally, for its decision to cut ties with Donald Trump.

The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful was unceremoniously dumped by the company two weeks ago for his comments on illegal immigration, but now the store’s customers are fighting back.

Sources with connections to Macy’s told TMZ that about 30,000 customers have expressed their disdain for the company’s decision to sever its relationship with Trump, and have filled its Facebook page, email and telephone lines with complaints.

Macys Credit Card
Photo via TMZ.

Some even told the store they were cutting up their Macy’s credit.

A Macy’s representative told TMZ “Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action.”

Which roughly translates to “We believe our customers are all talk and no action.”

But if Macy’s thinks conservative, rational-thinking Americans won’t rally behind a cause it may want to check the rousing success of Chick-fil-A since liberals decided to boycott it.

The company may also want to check recent polls.

If it did, it would know a lot more Americans support Trump than the mainstream media would have everyone believe.


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