Carly Fiorina has a DAMNING indictment for Hillary in the Benghazi cover-up

FiorinaCarly Fiorina went further than any other Republican.

In a “Kelly File” appearance Monday, the former Hewlett Packard executive now seeking the GOP nomination for president said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “has blood on her hands”in the deaths of an American ambassador and three other American citizens during the 2012 terrorist attack on a diplomatic outpost in Libya.

Clinton’s actions after the attack — including peddling the administration’s initial lie that it had been provoked somehow by an Internet video — showed a clear intention to cover up State Department failures and bury damaging details, Fiorina said.

And she blasted Clinton for stonewalling the House committee investigation into the attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, saying the former secretary has shown a chronic failure to come clean with the public.

“We now know on the night of September 11th [2012], the State Department and the White House knew this was a preplanned terrorist attack,” she said, slamming Clinton for being connected to the false narrative that a “spontaneous demonstration” over the video was responsible for the events of that evening.

“Two days later, Hillary Clinton stands over the bodies of the fallen and talks about a video. Susan Rice goes on television and says ‘it’s a video, it’s a demonstration,’” Fiorina said.

Fiorina then took aim at Clinton’s private email server, telling Kelly that “we now have enough information” to say Clinton was engaged in “gross dereliction of duty.”

“She never revealed a private server in her basement, until it was discovered,” she said. “And then when it was discovered, she wipes it clean. Nearly two years after she leaves the Department of State.”

Hitting Clinton harder than any GOP candidate to date, Fiorina argued there is no mistake Clinton engaged in a cover up, saying bluntly that she has “blood on her hands.”

The rest of the GOP field should be taking notes.

(Relevant section begins at 1:20 mark.)

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