Amazon and Barnes & Noble confirm no evidence of bulk book sales for Cruz

Ted Cruz’s assertion that The New York Times lied to keep his book titled, “A Time for Truth” off its best-seller list is gaining momentum by the day.

Two retail giants, Amazon and Barnes & Noble have emerged with statements that support the Republican presidential contender’s claim that The New York Times has been shading the truth by claiming bulk orders have been bolstering sales.

First, Amazon stated Sunday that there was “no evidence” of bulk sales, according Politico.

On Monday, one of the nation’s largest book sellers, Barnes & Noble echoed Amazon with a simple statement to CNN Money:

“The company has seen no evidence of bulk book sales for ‘A Time for Truth.'”

The retailers are echoing Cruz’s publisher, HarperCollins, which denied bulk book sales have contributed to the high volume being purchased.

These statements fly in the face of The New York Times’ reasoning for keeping “A Time for Truth” off its prestigious list. The Times had stated Cruz’s book, which should be debuting around No. 3, was not included because the paper had an “overwhelming preponderance of evidence” there had been calculated bulk sales to boost the numbers.

Evidence? Where?

To date, there hasn’t been one major book seller to support The Time’s claim. And The Times isn’t providing its own.

Cruz has fought back hard against the liberal paper and has demanded an apology from The Times.

Push-back to the overt media bias by The Times has also taken off on social media:

Hello … there’s also Barnes & Noble.

Interesting indeed!

Here is Cruz’s statement from July 10 accusing The Times of lying:

Will Cruz get his apology? It looks promising.

At least he will, when it’s a time for truth at The Times.

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