Trump taunts Hillary, Jeb; predicts Obama will make escaped Mexican drug lord a US citizen

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to use the prison escape of Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to Mexican corruption.

Considering the guy got out by an elaborate tunnel that was a mile long, the chances are pretty good he had some help.

Trump tweeted:

And he made it pretty clear what he thought about his rivals’ likely reaction to the news would be like.

Twitter weren’t entirely impressed though, asking why a United States president would be negotiating with a fugitive drug lord in the first place.

Trump supporters were ready with an answer to that though.

There’s no shortage of Trump critics out there, of course, and some took the opportunity to joke the Mexican drug lord might be coming after the American billionaire to take revenge for Trump’s comments about Mexico.

And how about this one ….

Again Trump’s backers had an answer.

Actually, Trump’s probably not worried about that as much as he is about this …

And considering the kind of crowds Trump drew over the weekend in Arizona, he’s not the only one.


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