Security workers sue Disney World for discrimination: ‘We were told to watch black customers’

The Walt Disney Co. might have thought it was buying progressive peace with its embrace of liberal causes like gay rights, but that’s not saving it from being accused of discriminating against Muslim and black employees.

Two Disney World security workers are suing the Florida  tourist destination on what the company calls “baseless” charges of discrimination, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

A Muslim former plainclothes security guard, Nabil Boromi, claims the company treated Middle Eastern customers with more scrutiny than others and held him to a higher standard than other employees when it fired him in 2013 for “using electronic devices,” the Sentinel reported.

Disney World
Photo credit the Orlando Sentinel.

Boromi’s lawsuit claims other employees who engaged in similar activities were not fired.

He also stated in his lawsuit that he “complained about Arabic patrons being treated with greater suspicion whenever they entered the park” and that he was instructed to keep a closer eye on black customers “because they ‘committed a lot of retail thefts.”

But the Florida Commission on Human Relations, where Boromi filed a complaint last year, found that “no reasonable cause exists to believe that an unlawful employment practice occurred.”

In the other case a black Haitian employee, Camelia Joseph, claims she applied for the position of emergency coordinator in 2010 but the job was given to a lesser experienced white man, according to the Sentinel.

She further claims that after she complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission she was reprimanded and “subjected to intense scrutiny on the job.”

“After I filed against the company with the EEOC, everything turned upside down,” she said.

According to the Sentinel, the two lawsuit are among six filed by current and former security employees between 2011 and 2014. In one case, a jury found in the company’s favor. The other three were voluntarily withdrawn.

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