Man hysterically doesn’t even flinch after shots fired, violent fight unfolds at ho-hum meeting

A video capturing a violent confrontation between a security guard and someone identified as a “journalist” is pretty intense, but the most noteworthy part of the video may be the actions of a bystander.

As the fight raged on just a few feet from a man wearing a white T-shirt, he never flinched — even when shots were fired!

The drama began when Mike Skidmore, identified as a correspondent for Photography is Not a Crime, an anti-cop group that looks to film police misconduct, is approached by a security guard after putting his hands on a female clerk during a Richland County Commission meeting in Ohio.

Skidmore began  punching security guard Tom Norris when Norris reached for Skidmore’s camera. During the altercation, Norris pulled his firearm, which he said accidentally discharged, according to the Mansfield News Journal.

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A second security guard joined the fracas, and was punched and bitten in the face by Skidmore. Eventually, others arrive and the suspect is subdued. Skidmore faces a felonious assault charge, the News Journal reported.

And through it all, the man in the white shirt never budged an inch. Hysterically he sat through it as if taking in a movie, while everyone else in the room scattered.

That’s the #ThugLife.

Tom Tillison


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