Kid Rock,Ted Nugent record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’ song to support Confederate flag


Ted Nugent, Kid Rock

Rock legends Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are still rebels.

And to prove it, the two have teamed up to record a new downloadable song written as a push-back against the national hysteria against all things Confederate.

It’s titled, “Kiss My Rebel Ass,” and will be available on each rocker’s website on Friday. In a joint interview on Detroit’s WWJ News Radio 95, the artists indicated they plan to donate all proceeds to the American Freedom Party, according to

The idea for the music track reportedly sprang from Nugent after Fox News’ Megyn Kelly delivered a message from fellow Michigan native Rock that anyone who didn’t like the flag at his concerts could “kiss my ass.”

Nugent sent a text message to Rock to show his support.

“When you get a text from the Nuge, you know you’ve done something right,” said Rock, 44, during the pair’s radio interview.

“Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t supposed to be nice,” said Nugent, 66. “It’s supposed to hit you upside the head with a tire iron, and that is exactly what this song does.”

Nugent expressed his support for the Confederate flag Wednesday during an appearance on Blog Talk Radio’s “World Positive Thinkers,” in answer to a listener’s question about Rock’s statement.

“I believe that we always have to look at substance over symbolism, and I think we have to be honest,” Nugent argued.

“If we burned every Confederate flag today, would they stop shooting each other in Chicago? If we burned every Confederate flag today, would we stop sanctuary cities from accommodating murderers and rapists and savage people?”

Here’s an audio of that appearance, via Media Matters.

Mark Friday on your calendar. The song can be downloaded then at or at Take your choice.

Friday will also be the day you’ll hear liberals collectively scream coast-to-coast.

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43 thoughts on “Kid Rock,Ted Nugent record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’ song to support Confederate flag

  1. Braden J. #noriotaid says:

    Looking forward to this.

  2. Don says:

    Me too

  3. Jamal Warner says:

    Bizpac should do their research because this story is false.

    1. Jerry says:

      Jamal, the only falsie is you. By the way I see you have fallen further. You now have less than 1 up vote per comment. Oh I almost forgot. yoBamma is the biggest fraud of all.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        Who cares about upvotes? You are the only person who cares if someone likes your comment. It does not make your statement true because someone agrees with you. It just means more than one idiot exist on this post.

        1. CoonOkie says:

          So that puts you in really good company with the rest of the people like you, the idiots. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            You should try putting the meth pipe down and move out of the trailer park.

        2. Jerry says:

          Mathmatical fact is what it is. You could not beat the comment so you must call us names.

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            Nobody cares about upvotes on disqus but you idiot. It mean nothing. I could care less if anyone agreed with my opinion.

          2. Jerry says:

            Is you mayd boy? Yea boy you be real mayd.

          3. Jamal Warner says:

            I will not respond to someone who can not even compose a sentence.

          4. CoonOkie says:

            He fails to understand his own language. E bonics. I think that is the correct term. But the kool aid has taken its toll.

          5. CoonOkie says:

            I would ask you to think before you

          6. Jamal Warner says:

            If someone does not agree with you that does not make them a liberal, but Foxnews has done a number on you so you can not see it. Go Figure!

          7. CoonOkie says:

            And for your information, I don’t watch FOX news. And can’t stand ABC the American Barrak Channel, NBC the National Barrak Channel, or CNN the Communist News Network. and MSNBC not even a new channel, just liberal propaganda.
            And your comments, the one’s I have read, are either liberal, progressive, socialist, or communist, take your pick.

  4. Rick Clark says:

    I like it

  5. John Urban says:

    This story is FAKE. There is no such song. It was posted on a satire site this moring, and MANY conservative blogs fell for it – John, Top Right News

    1. Dick says:

      IF this is false, they SHOULD record a song like this. Make it a “we are the world” moment with other patriotic rock/country acts and use Skynard as the backup band.. It would be a giant hit.

      1. John Smith Sr. says:


      2. Sasori says:

        The world doesn’t care. Oh, except Germany; they use the flag as a symbol akin to the swastika. Perhaps you should go visit there.

    2. Actually, that song exists, so this is a gonna be a different recording. More than one artist can sing the same song.

  6. addimorkal29 says:

    Power Time Read review Artical < Make It Easy

  7. R T Deco says:

    This could be the greatest fake song of all time!

  8. messimessi55 says:

    Power Time Read bizpacrevie’w Artical.. < Make It Easy

  9. TBW says:

    I love these two guys and if the song is a hoax, I hope these two patriots record it quickly and make it true! We need to push back hard on these filthy Lib/Prog/Commie/RINOs that are destroying our Republic!

  10. higgy01 says:

    I can’t wait.

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