Kid Rock,Ted Nugent record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’ song to support Confederate flag


Ted Nugent, Kid Rock

Rock legends Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are still rebels.

And to prove it, the two have teamed up to record a new downloadable song written as a push-back against the national hysteria against all things Confederate.

It’s titled, “Kiss My Rebel Ass,” and will be available on each rocker’s website on Friday. In a joint interview on Detroit’s WWJ News Radio 95, the artists indicated they plan to donate all proceeds to the American Freedom Party, according to

The idea for the music track reportedly sprang from Nugent after Fox News’ Megyn Kelly delivered a message from fellow Michigan native Rock that anyone who didn’t like the flag at his concerts could “kiss my ass.”

Nugent sent a text message to Rock to show his support.

“When you get a text from the Nuge, you know you’ve done something right,” said Rock, 44, during the pair’s radio interview.

“Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t supposed to be nice,” said Nugent, 66. “It’s supposed to hit you upside the head with a tire iron, and that is exactly what this song does.”

Nugent expressed his support for the Confederate flag Wednesday during an appearance on Blog Talk Radio’s “World Positive Thinkers,” in answer to a listener’s question about Rock’s statement.

“I believe that we always have to look at substance over symbolism, and I think we have to be honest,” Nugent argued.

“If we burned every Confederate flag today, would they stop shooting each other in Chicago? If we burned every Confederate flag today, would we stop sanctuary cities from accommodating murderers and rapists and savage people?”

Here’s an audio of that appearance, via Media Matters.

Mark Friday on your calendar. The song can be downloaded then at or at Take your choice.

Friday will also be the day you’ll hear liberals collectively scream coast-to-coast.

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43 thoughts on “Kid Rock,Ted Nugent record ‘Kiss My Rebel Ass’ song to support Confederate flag

  1. bluwaterkayaker says:

    Apparently this story is false. But there is a song – Kiss My Rebel Ass – by Creed Fisher

  2. Teto85 says:

    Because who better to represent 150 years of authentic, small-town Southern pride than a couple of millionaires from Detroit?

  3. bull57 says:

    I grow so tired of a few controlling the many!

  4. Bill says:

    So let me get this straight we in the Conservative movement are now using sex addicts and a draft dodging PERVERT to spread our message? What happened to our FAMILY VALUES? I am ashamed of our party.

    1. Doug says:

      The Kid had a lovely family when he was married to America’s favorite Mom….Pamela Anderson.

      1. Bill says:

        He also has a sex tape. Oh did you forget that?

  5. CoonOkie says:

    I totally agree with what Nugent said about burning everything Confederate. It would not stop a dang thing. We would still have illegals, not only Mexican’s, crossing the border and committing crimes. There would still be blacks killing blacks in Chicago, Baltimore, New York, and other criminal illegal alien committing crimes throughout this country.

    1. Centaur927 says:

      It may have given Dylan Roof one less reason to shoot up a black church though.

      1. CoonOkie says:

        Do you honestly believe that a “Flag” had anything to do with his shooting spree? If you do then i sure feel sorry for you.

        1. Centaur927 says:

          Of course it did. He was trying to start a race war. He didn’t drape himself in the flag because was feeling chilly that day.

  6. AFreedomFighter88 says:

    I am really surprised and disappointed that Kid Rock would join forces with pedofile, racist bigot Ted Nugent.
    A well known outspoken racist bigot Nugent has made numerous blatantly racist remarks in the press. More than enough to prove without a doubt his bigotry and racism. These include the recent reference to the president of the United States as a “sub-human mongrel.”

    Add to that the fact that he brags how he crapped in his own pants for a week before his induction physical to avoid service to our country in Vietnam and yet now somehow advocates for wars he doesn’t have to fight. Typical chicken hawk.

    In the late 1960s, prior to his first marriage, Nugent fathered two babies out of wedlock with two different teenage girls. A baby boy, and a baby girl, which he dumped into an adoption program to dispose of them. Nugent never attempted to make any further contact with his babies. Uncle Teddy has bragged repeatedly about sexual relationships with underage minors even authored a song called “Jailbait” proudly detailing his pedophilia and molesting behavior.

    Ted was in his 30s when he began a sexual relationship with seventeen-year-old girl in Hawaii. Due to the fact that could not legally marry or cohabitate with the minor Ted scammed a way to make himself her legal guardian, an arrangement that Rolling Stone magazine ranked as one of the “Sleaziest Moments in Rock History.”

    Ted Nugent the typical gun nut / criminal pled guilty to poaching a black bear in a national park in Alaska he illegally killed with a high powered sniper rifle. Nugent made the admission of guilt while begging for a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that was filed in U.S. District Court. When asked by local news media why he wasn’t bow hunting the bear, Ted replied that “mama bears are too dangerous to hunt with a bow.”

    Chicken hawk, draft dodger, statutory rapist, pedofile, self defecator, convicted wildlife poacher, blatant bigot and racist. Other than that he a fine upstanding American! Go with Ted more GOP, he’s a perfect spokesman for policies of lies, bigotry, scorch the earth and poison the wells.
    HUGE HINT: Don’t forget to keep uncle Teddy away from all the female children!

    1. Sunshine Kid says:

      Some people are more concerned with current events that personal flaws. Frankly, although I deplore the acts of Nugent, the song is not representing an approval of sex and sin, and if someone else sings the song, so be it. I’ll let God have the final judgment.

  7. billwhit1357 says:

    Can’t wait till Friday! This is going to be on Kick Butt song, I just know it! God Bless the Confederate Flag, part of our History, and may God send all these brainless Racist Scum to Hell with the Muslims!

  8. Alexander Crouton-Skitch says:

    Millions Mourn As Rocker/Activist Ted Nugent, 66, Found Alive

  9. Patrick Fogerty says:

    Will buy Friday! Semper Fi DIXIE

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