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Eric Garner widow turns down $5 million settlement, wants $75 MILLION

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ericgarner0813newThis ain’t cigarette money.

The family of the New York man whose death after resisting arrest last year made “I can’t breathe” a national anti-cop slogan can’t bring itself to accept $5 million the city offered in a wrongful death lawsuit.

It’s not enough. The family is thinking more like $75 million, according to the New York Daily News.

The $5 million offer turned down last week by the widow of Eric Garner would have been one of the biggest payments ever in such cases, according to the Daily News.

“In the gamut of wrongful death cases it’s a very substantial offer,” a civil rights lawyer not involved in the case told the Daily News.

Considering Garner made his living hustling loose cigarettes on a State Island sidewalk, “substantial” is an understatement.

But Garner’s widow, Esaw Garner, told the Daily News she’s had it with the justice system after a grand jury declined to indict the officers who arrested Garner after a struggle in June 2014.

“It seems like because they didn’t prosecute the officers on Staten Island, all the other officers were like, ‘Hell. We’ll get away with it. Let’s just do it again,’” she told the paper.

She’s grief-stricken of course.

But there’s a good bet that $75 million in her bank account – minus the substantial cut her lawyer would get – would make her feel a whole lot better.


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