Chris Christie: ‘Nobody in the real world’ gives a damn about Trump


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wishes the world to stop talking about one of his top rivals for the Republican nomination.

The GOP presidential hopeful said Monday that the media should get off their Donald Trump jag, and suggested that “in the real world” no one cares about the brash New York businessman who has  dominated media times since his announced White House bid and pushed illegal immigration into the forefront of national policy debates.

“Donald Trump has been in the news and has been saying that we’ve got to do a lot more about immigration,” it was noted to him on “Fox & Friends.” ”He’s made comments that have frustrated some of your fellow Republicans, who have said he’s setting the wrong tone for the party.

“Where do you stand?”

“We talked about this over and over again,” Christie said, clearly not thrilled to to it again. “What we should be talking about are all the significant problems we have in this country, like entitlement reform… We should be talking about education reform and not continue to be talking about all this stuff. Enough, we’ve answered the question!”

But Christie continued to be pressed.

“This would be the 50th time I’ve answered now,” Christie said. “It’s inappropriate, the comments were inappropriate. But listen, Donald is a friend, and I’ve known him for 13 years and I like him personally. But his comments were inappropriate. That’s now the 50th time I’ve said it. It will be the last time.”

He continued, “When I’m out there talking to folks, nobody in the real world asks me about this. Nobody,” he said. “But anytime I get on a media show, all anybody wants to talk about is Donald Trump.”

Just as nobody in the real world asks Trump about Christie.


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