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Trump SLAPS DOWN hostile questioner during Vegas speech; did the Mexican government send him?

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donald-trumpGOP presidential contender Donald Trump handled a hostile questioner in Las Vegas Saturday in the manner he’s famous for:

Brash, with a dash of bravado  — and absolutely no fear.

After addressing the crowd on the country’s problems, focused primary on illegal immigration, Trump did something Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would never dream of — he called for questions from the audience — without pre-screening.

One was a man who claimed he was “incredibly insulted” over Trump’s statements on illegal immigrants — especially those from Mexico.

The real estate mogul sighed and said, “I was waiting for this.”

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“Did the government of Mexico ask you to come here?” Trump asked.

The man, who said he was from Mexico, asked Trump if he would build a wall around each state.

Trump said he would build a wall only at the U.S.-Mexican border, adding that “I encourage legal citizenship. I encourage Hispanics and I encourage people from all over,” he said to applause and whistles.

“But what I don’t encourage is people coming into our country illegally,” he added. “These people wreak havoc.”


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