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NY Post cover PERFECTLY sums up Dem de Blasio’s impact on Big Apple

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Unchecked Democrats are turning New York into a cesspool — literally.

Like just about every other Democrat in America, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his Democrat city council majority are turning a war on crime into a war to figure out how to decriminalize as much as they can — which now includes public urination.

It’s a quality-of-life crime like biking on the sidewalk, public consumption of alcohol, being in a park after dark, failure to obey a park sign and jumping subway turnstiles that Democrat City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito wants to decriminalize, according to the New York Post.


The Post chronicled the case of one homeless man who was caught tinkling in public by their cameras and found that neighbors and business owners were outraged.

“It’s absolutely a failure of government. It’s a total abject failure,” Bill Caprese, 38, who lives nearby with his 6-year-old daughter, told the Post. “The mayor could fix it. The governor could fix it. We need asylums.”

“He curses people out, threatens lives,” said a Victoria’s Secret employee who works in the neighborhood. “Customers complain about him all the time.”

Others are more concerned of the direction the city is headed in since the progressive administration took the reigns.

“It reminds me of the pre-Giuliani era,” Jim Hoover, 60, said. “The police aren’t chasing them away anymore.”

A Port Authority source told the Post there has been an “uptick” in vagrancy since de Blasio became mayor.

The liberal approach to government at work destroying another great city.

Carmine Sabia


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