‘King PUTTS’: Obama drive to find new golf challenge draws social media scorn

After President Obama ducked out on the press pool following last week’s golf outing, White House reporters were told Saturday to expect a 70-minute mystery trip to an undisclosed location.

Although, with a weekly round of presidential golf standard at this point, the destination should have come as no surprise.

CBS News White House White House correspondent Mark Knoller shared on social media that the destination was indeed a golf course, adding that after 87 rounds at Andrews Air Force, Obama was in search of “a change of pace.”

And the bored president found it at Caves Valley Golf Club in Owings Mills, Md., a trip that took 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Another practice trending with Obama is that 18 holes are no longer enough to satiate his passion for golf, and Saturday was no exception.

As Knoller reported, Obama planned to play an extra 9 holes, and given that 27 holes takes about six hours, plus 2 hours and 40 minutes of traveling time, that pretty much shot the whole day.

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It’s unlikely that any of the president’s predecessor’s could have pulled off such dedication to a hobby without significant media outcry, but then, this is the age of Obama.

Here’s a sampling of the reactions to Saturday’s outing from Twitter, including a new Obama nickname, “King Putts” (though spelling is always questionable on Twitter):

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