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Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asks Ben Carson: Is a Carson-Trump ticket in the cards?

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They say opposites attract.

In what would make a compelling pairing, Republican presidential contender Ben Carson is willing to consider running on the same ticket as fellow political outsider Donald Trump.

With Trump serving as his vice presidential running mate, of course.

“All things are possible, absolutely,” the reserved former neurosurgeon said when asked during an appearance on Fox News’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” if he’d consider Trump as a possible running mate.

“I have had a chance to associate with him now that I have moved down to Florida,” Carson told host Neil Cavuto.

“He’s a very smart guy,” he added. “And he is a fun guy. So, I will leave it at that.”

Cavuto noted that some GOP candidates believe the outspoken business magnate is “sucking all the oxygen out of the room,” and doing it in a negative manner when it comes to immigration.

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But the attention Trump is generating shows how important the issue really is, said Carson, who has offered his own ideas for immigration reform that include first, securing the borders, then offering “guest worker” status to illegals, without a “path to citizenship.”

“I would say that there’s a whole lot of oxygen in the room, and we need to hear everybody,” Carson said. “We need to discuss these things openly.”

“I like people who are willing to say what they believe,” he continued. “I have learned how to tone it down a little bit, so that people can actually hear what I’m saying, and not just focus on the words, but that’s a skill people learn with the course of time.”


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