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Father of black teen murdered by illegal alien BLISTERS Obama’s silence; whose lives matter?

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Pete Hegseth Jamel ShawLiberals who try to paint opponents of illegal immigration with the brush of racism will have a tough time explaining Jamiel Shaw.

The father of a young man who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant released from jail only a day earlier, Shaw finds it “mind-boggling” that President Obama could speak out for people like Michael Brown, a thug who strong-armed a convenience store clerk before attacking a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., yet remain silent for truly innocent victims like his son.

Shaw, who met with presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Saturday, appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” to voice his frustrations with the president’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.

He said Obama’s silence when it comes to  victims like his son, Jamel Shaw II, who was killed in 2008, and Kate Steinle, who was killed last week by another illegal immigrant in San Francisco, is an indication that “he doesn’t even care.”

“Everyone’s not for illegal immigration,” Shaw told guest host Pete Hegseth. “So if he’s gonna force it down our throats with executive orders, the least he can do is make sure no one is murdered by illegal aliens.”

Shaw’s son was only 17 when he died after being shot by two Hispanic men who stopped him on a street in Los Angeles. The men first asked the teen what gang he belonged to, according to the Los Angeles Times. He didn’t answer quickly enough.

Shaw said the president should look into his own heart when incidents like this happen.

“He should ask himself, he should soul-search himself and say, what would he do if someone murdered his child?” Shaw said. “What would he expect from politicians, from the government, if his child was murdered? And then maybe he would get more of an understanding.”


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