Combat vet amputee inspires thousands as he makes history on the PGA circuit

Retired U.S. Army Cpl. Chad Pfeifer, who lost his left leg above the knee serving in Iraq, made history last week when he became the first amputee to compete at the PGA’s developmental level.

Pfeifer, 33, started playing golf as part of his rehab therapy and “fell in love” with the sport, hoping to one day play on the PGA circuit.

And that dream came true Thursday when the veteran gained entry to the Albertsons Boise Open through a sponsor’s exemption.

He posted an impressive 4-over-75 on his first day, and even though he eventually missed the cut, Pfeifer has inspired thousands, including fellow veterans.

Pfeifer was featured Sunday on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” and said the support he has seen has been “amazing.”

“I had a lot of support here locally,” he said of playing in his home state. “And still have a bunch of family and friends here in the area that came out and watched.”

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And that support included other the players on the tour.

“Even after I was coming off the last hole of the day on Friday, as I was finishing up my round, there was a bunch of the other players on the tour [who] came out and thanked me for my service and wished me well going forward,” Pfeifer said.

Tom Tillison


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