Frisky business: US Marshals Service employee caught having sex on courthouse roof – video all over news


A U.S. Marshals Service employee was caught on camera having sex on the roof of a federal building.

A concerned citizen exposed the frisky business atop a Pennsylvania federal courthouse, snapping photos of a couple on the rooftop.

An apartment resident in a nearby building who thought the activities might be a security breach sent the photos to local Harrisburg television station WHTM, which alerted authorities, the station reported Thursday.

The photos show the couple engaged in sex on the roof of the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.  The station reported that the couple had made their lofty trysts several times in recent weeks.

The Marshals Service said it is investigating the incident and confirmed that one of the people involved is an employee.

The service said it was confident that security at the courthouse was not compromised.

It appears the government barely avoided a breach of security, but an employee using the building’s roof as a love nest is certainly cause for embarrassment.


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