FBI screws up Dylann Roof’s background check; NY Times spins as ‘loophole’


Even though the FBI has acknowledged missing a chance to prevent an alleged mass murderer from buying a gun, The New York Times has chosen to spin the mistake as simply a “loophole.”

FBI Director James Coney says the agency should have flagged Dylann Roof — accused of killing nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina — to prevent him from purchasing a firearm because of his criminal record and prior drug use.

But it didn’t.

There was a breakdown in the background check system that led to the approval of Roof’s ability to purchase a handgun, resulting in the murders at Emanuel AME Church, Coney said Friday.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Mr. Comey said the FBI examiner ran numerous checks but didn’t see that Mr. Roof had admitted being an “unlawful user” of drugs as part of his recent arrest. His case was pending in South Carolina court, however, making it more difficult to find a concrete report.

“[The federal examiner is] obviously heartbroken and struggling, as you might imagine,” Mr. Comey said.

Mr. Comey said FBI officials were meeting in South Carolina with the families of the shooting victims to explain what he described as an FBI “mistake.”

Although the FBI acknowledged it had made a mistake, The New York Times felt the need to spin its story to make it appear that Roof used a “loophole” to purchase the gun.

Times reporter Michael Schmidt tweeted:

Others on social media took note and called the Times on it.

Watch the video coverage below, via Fox News.


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