Controversial Michael Brown art exhibit opens in Chicago

A controversial art exhibit opened Friday in Chicago featuring a life-size portrayal of 18-year-old Michael Brown as he appeared after being killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Titled “Confronting Truths: Wake Up!” the exhibit shows Brown as he lay in the street after officer Darren Wilson shot him.

The display is the handiwork of artist Ti-Rock Moore, a white woman who lives in New Orleans, who told WGN-TV the images represent white privilege in America and how it has negatively affected the black community.

It also includes a black Statue of Liberty and a noose dangling from a neon sign.

As for “confronting truths,” rest assured that Moore does not mention that Brown’s killing was deemed justified after extensive investigations by both local and federal authorities.

Nor does she note that evidence showed Brown was in the process of charging Wilson when the officer fired the fatal shot.

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Viewers apparently will never be told that, according to testimony, the “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that drove racial tensions for months after the incident never happened. It was a lie.

Tom Tillison


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