Bernie Sanders becoming a problem for Hillary; tramples all over her talking points

Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders continues to gum up the works in the coronation of Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee for the 2016 election.

Sanders’ latest trespass was to walk all over Clinton’s talking points in response to Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s comment that Americans “need to work more hours.”

Taking Bush’s comment out of context, Clinton, the so-called champion of the working class, took a cheap shot at the Republican:

Enter Sanders, an open socialist, who has been refreshingly candid on the campaign trail — and drawing plenty of interest.

Taking Bush’s comment at face value, that part-time workers need full-time jobs, he trampled on Clinton’s spin in an interview Friday on CNN.

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“Of course we need full-time jobs rather than part-time jobs,” Sanders said.

“If he [Bush] is talking about the need for more full-time jobs than part-time jobs, that’s absolutely correct,” he added.

The muffled popping sound heard around that time was of heads exploding  at Team Hillary. A social media user summed it up well by asking how long it would be before Sanders becomes “too big a problem” for Clinton.

Here is that tweet and a sampling of other responses from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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