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Romney hailed as ‘Nostradamus’, OPM director a laughing stock, and Valerie Jarrett, clueless as ever

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Mitt Romney seems to know what’s going to happen before it does. Maybe he should have been president.

People laughed when Romney, during his 2012 presidential campaign, predicted that China would take steps to breach the security of U.S. electronic records.

No one is laughing now.

A security breach at the Office of Personnel Management, first reported in January, has since exploded, with the personnel records of at least 18 million federal employees — current, prospective and retired — having been stolen.

Late last month, the OPM, for an estimated four weeks, suspended performing background checks to obtain security clearances, but its director, Katherine Archuleta, said the action had nothing to do with the massive security breach.

No one’s buying that, though, especially in light of an obnoxious tweet she had sent mocking Romney’s comments. It even included a video to drive the point home.

Folks on social media had great fun when they recalled Archuleta’s unfortunate tweet:

In addition, Romney’s 2012 statement that Russia posed the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States was realized when the Russian bear invaded Ukraine. The point was driven home Thursday by Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr. at his confirmation hearing to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

“If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia,” Dunford said at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, according to U.S. News and World Report. “If you look at their behavior, it’s nothing short of alarming.”

In light of all that, author and National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke observed:

Funny — BizPac Review made precisely the same observation two-and-a-half years ago.

Cooke got plenty of replies — all in agreement:

One recalled a moment during a presidential debate when CNN’s Candy Crowley stepped out of her moderator role to lend support to President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, with China hacking into U.S. computers, the Islamic State trying to take over the Middle East, and Russia rattling its sword, senior presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett’s mind is elsewhere.

Er, she does know that the federal government has nothing to do with the World Cup — doesn’t she?

She soon got a gentle reminder.

Focus, Jarrett, focus.

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