Irate Muslim man busts into Paris cafe, overturning tables and screaming at people for eating during Ramadan

Muslim-top picSome Muslims just won’t rest until the whole world shares their religion.

A video posted on YouTube on Friday shows a Muslim man screaming at diners in Paris to stop eating “because it’s Ramadan” before he starts breaking things.

It begins with him pacing near the restaurant holding a hockey stick. Then he grabs a musician’s microphone to lecture passersby on observing the Muslim month of fasting.

“People can’t eat because it’s the Ramadan!” the man shouts in French before overturning tables and smashing glasses. He then proceeds to wave the stick at and physically confront diners.

“Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Every day during this month, Muslims around the world spend the daylight hours in a complete fast,” according to “Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance.”

“It’s simple: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities,” wrote Robert Spencer on Jihad Watch which reported on this incident.

Paris was the location of January’s massacre over the news magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad-related cartoons, and its highly populated Muslim sections have been referred to as “no-go zones.”

In addition, Newsweek reported last year that 16 percent of the French people had a positive attitude toward the terror group Islamic State, also known as ISIS.

The Newsweek poll‘s numbers were even more disconcerting when it came to youths between the ages of 18 and 24, 27 percent of whom sympathized with ISIS.


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