Illegal alien’s MTV show publicly shaming whites stirs anger: ‘How about confronting illegal privilege?’

Whatever happened to the days when MTV played music videos rather than politicized “documentaries”?

In a new “documentary” called “White People,” set to air on the network this month, chronic anti-U.S. critic and illegal immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas says he wants to “spark constructive conversations” about race – not make white people feel guilty for experiencing so much “white privilege.”

After Fox News discussed the racial documentary on Megyn Kelly’s program, Vargas – who is a proud illegal alien working with apparent immunity in the United States – took to Twitter to reassure his followers that the film was not intended to disparage white people.

Of course, the term “white privilege” isn’t exactly one used by people who are looking for an honest and open discussion about race relations, and many social media users seem to understand that.

The fact that Vargas has a history of attacking U.S. culture in general, and “white people” specifically, also probably helped to fuel the anger he saw on social media.

In August 2014, Vargas tweeted that “white” Americans shouldn’t consider themselves white because they come from families of immigrants.

Dear “white” people: You are not “white.” you are immigrants. in Ellis Island days, you showed up w/o papers and were processed.

— Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting) August 2, 2014

Despite the fact that his 2014 assault on “white” Americans fell flat (“processed” is a fancy word for “documented,” and many immigrants in those days were white), Vargas has continued to use his status as an illegal alien to attack “white” culture in America.

His repeated and overheated rhetoric on the issue of race has social media users — and perhaps a few MTV viewers — nervous about what is likely to be a race-baiting documentary.

His attempts on Twitter to calm people don’t seem to be working.

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