Gretchen Carlson goes off on RNC for scolding Trump; ‘GOP needs serious soul-searching’

carFox News’ Gretchen Carlson is at her wits’ end over the Republican Party’s incoherent messaging.

Carlson slammed Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus during “The Real Story” on Thursday for his criticism of Donald Trump. Priebus reportedly had called Trump to ask that he “tone down his inflammatory comments,” about illegal immigrants, the Washington Post reports.

News of the conversation infuriated Carlson.

“The last people who should be telling him to simmer down on his messaging are those who haven’t yet figured out how to message,” she said.

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Carlson challenged the GOP to get its act together when it comes to resonating with constituents.

She slammed Republicans for being out-messaged by Democrats during the 2008 and 2012 elections. She said that Obamacare, even though it was unpopular, was passed into law because of effective Democrat messaging.

“The GOP needs to do some serious soul-searching on messaging – and fast – before 2016,” she said.

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According to the Washington Post, Trump poses more than just an embarrassment to the RNC and is quickly becoming a cause for “serious alarm among top Republicans in Washington and nationwide.”

But Carlson doesn’t see it that way, and says Trump “adds spice to the 2016 presidential campaign.” She added that she looks forward to what he will say on the debate stage.

“How does the RNC know who’s really going to resonate with the American people?” Carlson asked, “when, in my mind, they haven’t even figured out how to message yet?”


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