City limit signs warn visitors residents are packing heat: Don’t like it? ‘Enjoy LA!’

U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo and Councilman Steve Jett display the new city limit sign
Source: Facebook

Some communities are asserting their First Amendment rights despite the anti-gun nuts.

New signs marking the entrances to a small, western Idaho town should serve as a stern warning to strangers who intend to bring harm to its residents.

Welcome to Greenleaf, Idaho. This is not a gun-free zone,” the signs say.

Greenleaf, with a population of less than a thousand, uses the neighboring community of Wilder for its police service. As a consequence, Greenleaf residents have learned to be self-reliant in such matters, according to Scripps Media.

The town ordered five signs, one for each entrance, to let everyone know its residents are “locked and loaded.”

But they’re posting the signs to give fair warning — not for publicity.

“The City Council is acting with the intent to keep citizens safe here, not to bring news crews here,” member Steven Jett said.

Jett said the new signs are in keeping with a 2007 city ordinance that encourages — though it does not require — the heads of households to store food, have a working knowledge of CPR, and keep a firearm handy.

“The Idaho Constitution does allow for the mayors of the cities to call up those citizens of the city to help enforce the law,” Jett told Scripps, adding that the idea of gun-free zones make no sense.

“Criminals that are carrying guns illegally do not read those signs. Hopefully, they’ll see this sign,” Jett said.

“People that think gun-free zones are good, it won’t make sense. But we really don’t care. Enjoy L.A.”


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