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Trump unveils plan to battle ISIS: ‘Bomb the HELL out of those oil fields!’

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Presidential contender Donald Trump might welcome the opportunity these days to talk about anything other than illegal immigration, but it doesn’t mean his words won’t be just as brash while addressing other issues.

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Trump visited “Anderson Cooper 360” on Thursday, and told the CNN host that no other presidential nominee would be as tough as he would when dealing with ISIS.

“I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields,” Trump said of ISIS’s takeover in the Middle East.

“I would take away their wealth, I would take away their oil.”

Cooper argued that bombing Iraqi oil fields would anger “huge numbers of people.”

Trump doubled down, maintaining “there is no Iraq” due to the deeply divided factions that reside within the country.

“What you should be doing now is taking away the oil,” he said.

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Trump doesn’t like the idea of the U.S. being in Iraq, but said the fact that ISIS is on a world-wide terror rampage means “firm” and “strong” action is needed. He also said wiping out ISIS’s wealth by bombing oil fields would mean less military on the ground.

The real estate tycoon made it known that he detests having to share any possible future war plans with the media because it takes away the strategic element of surprise.

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“I’ll tell you what I hate about this question… if I win … I didn’t want to answer this question and I thought maybe I could go without answering, because if you look at the great General George Patton or General MacArthur, who I was a big fan of, or any of these great [generals], they didn’t talk about what they did,” he said.

Trump assured Cooper that he’d have big oil companies like Exxon go in and re-build oil fields so fast heads “would spin.”

Cooper asked if the oil companies would need U.S. military protection to re-build.

“Yes, you put a ring around them,” Trump said, but not before taking ISIS’s wealth away – something he said, most politicians won’t do.


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