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Spoiled starlet says she ‘hates America’ — and actor Rob Lowe isn’t buying her lame excuse

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Former Nickelodeon actress and rising starlet Ariana Grande, caught on video telling her boyfriend she hates America, is trying to wiggle her way out of it, but  at least one veteran actor isn’t going to let her off the hook that easily.

Rob Lowe responded to the “lame” excuse that the Grande camp is giving after the actress was caught licking  doughnuts on display at a California store while saying she hates Americans.

Grande is maintaining that her reaction to the breakfast treat was prompted by a deep desire for all Americans be healthier.

Yeah, right.

Lowe wasn’t buying it either.

The doughnut incident began when TMZ published a leaked security video Tuesday that showed the seemingly starving actress sniffing and licking the for-sale breakfast treats at a California shop.

But when a worker walked up with a fresh tray of goodies – it was all Grande could take.

“What the F*** is that?” she said.

“I hate Americans. I hate America.”

The recording prompted a public backlash accusing the starlet of “fat shaming” America.

The supposed licking of the sugary treats also created a public health concern and police have begun an investigation, according to the Daily Mail.

Grande has been recoiling ever since, and cancelled an upcoming concert this Saturday citing painful “wisdom teeth.”

Sound like she needs all the “wisdom” she can get.

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