Kid Rock, consummate rebel, has a message for Confederate flag protesters … via Megyn Kelly!

kid rockBeing the consummate rebel, recording artist Kid Rock reacted just as you hoped he would when given an ultimatum over the Confederate flag.

Members of the Michigan chapter of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network held a protest in front of a Detroit museum Monday demanding the artist take a stand against the flag or they would boycott the facility.

The museum features an exhibit bearing the superstar’s name.

Kid Rock, who has used the flag at previous concerts, was quiet for a day or two. But that all changed when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly announced on Wednesday’s show that the artist gave her a message to share with his tormentors.

“He has shared with us a message for those who are demanding that he denounce the Confederate flag,” Kelly told her viewers. “And this is the quote: ‘Please tell the people protesting to, quote, kiss my … ask me some questions.'”

ICYMI: Kid Rock shared a message with ‘The Kelly File’ last night, in response to those demanding that he denounce the Confederate flag.

Posted by The Kelly File on Thursday, July 9, 2015


According to the Detroit Free Press, protesters burned the Confederate flag at a 2011 NAACP event in Detroit when the civil rights organization gave Kid Rock the Great Expectations Award.

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Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, said at the time that he “never flew that flag with any hate in my heart.”

“Everybody knows where I stand and what I’m about,” he told the Free Press. “It’s not about hatred or being a racist. I like Southern rock music, and a lot of people died under that flag for beliefs they had, right or wrong. But it stands for rebel, and my love of Southern rock.”


318 thoughts on “Kid Rock, consummate rebel, has a message for Confederate flag protesters … via Megyn Kelly!

  1. faceshaker says:

    Kid Rock is so yesterday. Who really gives a flip what he says? The Confederate flag came down in Charleston this morning, and people cheered, sang and wept.

    As for all this “lib this, lib that”, I’m willing to put money on the table that none of those “political experts” even know what liberalism is. When the United States was almost unanimously liberal, the US put-down no less than three (3) totalitarian states.

    In Germany, where the Nazi flag is banned for obvious reasons, the neo-Nazis there use the Confederate flag. It’s interesting to see all their sympathizers crawling out of the woodwork.

  2. Rex says:

    Is it not true that you defend your rights. He is defending his Rebel heritage rights and the flag of his heritage.
    Inherit rights of where you come from is a guarantee under the First Amendment.
    But look at this what is the African American flag?
    Is it the ISIS or ISIL flag like many believe it is?
    We all know that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson preach hatred to all but blacks.
    If Martin Luther King was here he would be ashamed of how his beliefs and teachings have been misused to create hatred. Remember he wanted unity of all nations and colors to be brothers.

    Maybe it is time that everyone look at who is this is all coming from.
    ISIS and ISIL are among everyone causing the unrest and have been here for years.
    Point being why fight a Country when you can get them to fight themselves.
    ISIUSA is here and many came in across the Southern Border to Mexico.
    Some came in from Canada to Detroit Michigan, and were already known by the government who did nothing, because of the race for the Office of the President and Offices in Congress.
    Read the report and learn what are you really being told.
    As for Kid Rock, he is in his rights to protect where his roots came from.

  3. Andy Ruby says:

    More people of fame whose voice is heard should have the same response. Enough of these Flaming Left Wing Liberals. Responses like this would shut them up.

    1. BlueInfantry says:

      Not just the famous… Everyone needs to speak up and tell the Libs to “kiss my ass”…

      1. Andy Ruby says:

        Agree, but only the famous get a podium. Us normal citizens voices are not heard.

  4. Goldcoaster says:

    I thought we had freedom of speech and expression? Those days are gone, my friend.
    Now the Portuguese and the Spanish and the UK and the Arabs were the biggest slavers.
    When will they take down their flags?

  5. ihatelibs says:


  6. Clardyman says:

    Thank you Kid Rock, keep standing up to Political! This Flag has a Cross that stands for Christianity, Stars stand for the Southern States united, and Red stands for all the blood shed!

  7. billwhit1357 says:

    At least with Sharpton’s Sewer Scum boycotting the museum, the air quality will be breathable within the museum! That is a PLUS no matter how you look at it! God Bless you, KID, for standing your ground against these Leftist Marxist Idiot Leeches of Society!

  8. Chuck says:

    Kiddie rock has no idea behind the meaning of the flag. The south lost the civil war and there right to own slaves

  9. Jamal Warner says:

    I will not bother responding to white trash trailer trash. By the way I flagged you account. LOL.

    1. Steve Harmon says:

      Ha ha ha ha, flag away, BTW, I don’t live in a trailer, do you eat watermelon and eat fried chicken? Do you have 9 children by 9 women, none of which you bothered to marry? Stereotypes, how educated of you, ha ha ha ha. Please keep flagging me, just shows your racial ignorance. You won’t respond to me because you know I’m right, whiner victim, ha ha ha.

      1. Jamal Warner says:

        No, I have one child by your mother. She told me that he was gay trans who take it in the as*. By the way, little piglet you should really try putting the meth pipe down. Trailer park white trash still on here typing. Those obama phones must have internet now. Dang it!

        1. Steve Harmon says:

          Ha ha ha, just as I suspected, my little half brother said he never met his father. Wow, you are just livin’ the dream, huh?

          1. Jamal Warner says:

            No, she had one son and he sits on the computer trolling all day. He was able to manipulate the system to draw a check. So he has no need to try to find work.

          2. Steve Harmon says:

            You said you were the “baby daddy”.

  10. DebraJMSmith says:

    Kid Rock is a very bad person.

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