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Fox News producer SHAMES San Fran mayor, supervisors; ‘How many dead people does it take?’

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What do spineless public officials do when confronted with the tragic consequences of their activist policies?

They cower.

Jessie Watters, of Fox New’s “O’Reilly Factor,” exposed the cowardice Wednesday night in videos that show him challenging both the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and Mayor Ed Lee’s office over the circumstances that led to the murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle.

Steinle’s life was tragically taken by Francisco Sanchez, five-time deported illegal alien with a criminal record. Sanchez, like countless other non-U.S. criminals was seeking refuge in San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” status.

Federal authorities ordered Sanchez to be detained, but San Francisco officials allowed his release in accordance with the sanctuary city standing. Watters stood up before the board of supervisors and asked why Sanchez was allowed to walk the streets . 

Watters made his way to the mayor’s office but couldn’t reach Lee. Instead, he addressed communications director Christine Falvey who informed Watters that Lee sent out a statement regarding the “serious issue” of Steinle’s murder.

“Is taking it seriously, just sending out a little piece of paper, when someone’s murdered because of a policy you support?” Watters asked Falvey.

“That doesn’t sound that serious to me.”

Falvey accused Watters of mischaracterizing what she said, and stated “it’s deeply sad for the family.”

Falvey couldn’t give Watters specifics on how Lee will act to ensure that this kind of tragedy won’t happen again.

“How many dead people does it take?” Watters asked before the short interview was over.

Watters received a mixed reaction from citizens on the San Fran streets regarding the circumstances that led to Steinle’s death.

Tragically, it may take more victims before constituents who defend sanctuary cities realize the lawless culture – that doesn’t favor legal citizens – these cities help to create.

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